Vibrant Method - Accolades

Who would have thought that my Health Coach, Atali Samuel, could transform a Quadriplegic into a Restorative Yin Yoga practicing enthusiast!?!? But that is exactly what she has done with me. From day one, Atali shared with me her vision and the part Yoga would play. In theory it sounded great, but the inwardly stubborn critic questioned the practicality of actually transitioning this vision to reality.

However, she silenced the critic by seeing ahead and removing every obstacle that would have prevented me from being able to fully engage in and appreciate the first in-studio Yin Yoga experience at Gaia Flow Yoga. She spared me from having to endure a 10-20 minute “walking to the front door” workout before and after the class, by reserving a more accommodating parking spot right in front of the studio. She reached out to Michael (the awesome Yoga instructor) a few days before the class, and prepped him on my circumstances. He incorporated poses I was familiar with, ones Atali had given me beforehand to practice on. In doing this, among several other things, the context was staged for having a positive in-class experience.

One such experience that I had never beforehand had was how my body responded immediately after the class. Typically whenever my body goes from a lay-down position to an up-right standing position, the transition seems to be awkward. The feet immediately stiffen, where I usually end up on the tips of the toes, followed a few leg spasms (an uncontrollable shaking). I’ll then wait for a moment so the legs relax, before taking the first few awkward step with my walker.

However, when being helped up to my feet after class, they were perfectly calm and relaxed. There were NO spasms and NO awkward first steps. It made me wonder if I had only incorporated Yoga many years earlier, what the net positive benefits would be. Thus, I enthusiastically look forward to reaping the upcoming benefits of the Yin Yoga vision…Thanks Atali for expanding the horizon of hope!!


Brad B.
Vibrant Method Client, Dallas TX

Atali Samuel has been extremely helpful in my quest to better my health. The amount of knowledge she has regarding nutrition and digestive health is truly amazing. I can’t thank her enough for pointing me in the right direction, it truly has changed my day to day wellbeing. She not only is knowledgeable, but is totally dedicated to the lifestyle of what she preaches as well. Sometimes I even wonder if I am bothering her too much with all my questions, but she has been nothing but helpful and patient. I can tell she gets an immense satisfaction out of helping others.

Fred S.
Vibrant Method Client, Austin Tx

Atali Samuel walks the walk AND talks the talk! I own an organic Juicing Company and I’d like to think I’m quite knowledgeable about holistic living, but I am always learning from Atali. She surprises me with the amount of knowledge she has obtained over the last 10+ years having been in and around the wellness industry. Having myself just completed yet another certification in Holistic Health Coaching, she will be the one I continue to turn to and collaborate with for for great advice.  Not only is Atali the epitome of holistic health herself, she keeps her little fur babies extremely healthy with all kinds of natural remedies! She is truly dedicated to learning and staying immersed in the world of health, wellness, & vitality.

Julia P.
Founder + Owner + Holistic Health Coach Earth On Tap

I have had the pleasure of knowing Atali Samuel for almost 8 years. We began as colleagues in the Natural Health industry, and from there developed a friendship built on mutual respect and admiration.

I think one of the things that first drew me to Atali was her drive and solution-oriented attitude. She never was one to accept things as they were, she always strove to understand “why” they were and “how” they came to be. It is this part of her personality – her drive, her dedication, her ability to dig deep, to research, to seek knowledge and to find a solution – that makes her successful as a Holistic Health Coach. On top of all that, she is an incredibly knowledgeable human being who truly lives the lifestyle and inspires those around her to follow suit.

I couldn’t think of a better person to hire as a Health Coach, and have as a friend and an inspiration on this journey to better living.

Kate G.

I started off with Atali Samuel at basically ground zero – I was eating most of my meals out of boxes, the microwave or from chain restaurants. Organic was a word that only meant “needlessly overpriced”. I was having various digestive problems and had tried several diets for just weight loss, then got frustrated when the weight came right back on. There was no real focus on living a healthy lifestyle. I knew I needed to turn myself around on a bunch of different fronts for both my personal health as well as that of my family’s…and I had no real idea on how to get started and have lasting results.

Atali’s approach was like a breath of fresh air. First of all, she really got to know who I was, what I was struggling with, and where I wanted to go. I wasn’t just a customer – I was someone she really cared about helping. She then helped me develop a real plan – something I could do and feel comfortable with. I had a roadmap that allowed me to start making real improvements in everything from how I looked at food (it’s not just to keep you alive and taste good – it’s also medicine!) to bringing balance in other areas of my life. When I was struggling with something, I had someone I could work with to cut through the avalanche of conflicting information. She has been my personal health Google.

The one other thing about Atali and her approach – is just how much her passion for a natural, balanced, enjoyable and healthy lifestyle can improve so many facets of your world…and the way that she truly cares about helping people get there. It’s contagious – I was able to really see a future “me” that was in a much, much better place. Having that kind of excitement and vision about what I could achieve kept me motivated through the change process. I’m actually a better person now because of it.

Michael C.
Vibrant Method Client

I have known Atali Samuel for over 10 years. We met while both working for the same supplement company and have remained close friends since. I have always been impressed by her enthusiasm and passion for the Natural Health industry. Her passion is not only evident in her work, but also in her lifestyle. Her commitment to natural healing has lead her down this path of the highest integrity. I know it sounds cliche but she comes to you with an open mind and a warm heart. Her intent is to help you understand your body and feel your very best.

Arianna O.S.

If there’s one thing I could say about Atali Samuel, it’s that she’s passionate about her work! But that’s the thing, this is not just about her job. I have known Atali for a long time, not only is she knowledgable, she truly lives this out. I have been on a health journey the past few years and found myself very confused by the conflicting information I was reading. Atali came alongside me and helped me understand the changes I needed to make so that I could be as healthy as I can for my family! Not only that, but she offered several Skype sessions with me since I live overseas! Thank you, Atali, for your help, encouragement and support!

Charity V.
Wife, Mom of three - Cardiff - Wales, United Kingdom

I’d met and worked with Atali Samuel several years ago, and since then, we’ve remained great friends. I mention this because, although from afar, Atali (in my opinion) is truly one of the funniest, kindest, and MOST knowledgeable people in the holistic industry! Everything she does, she does with the utmost dedication. Why, because she literally lives and breathes what she believes in! Whenever I’ve had a question, she just doesn’t give you the quick answer…Nope, she gives you more than you could’ve asked for. Atali’s resolve to be the best in the industry has come from YEARS of research, because it’s truly her passion to help people be the best version of themselves!

Atali Samuel is one of the most dedicated health practitioners I know.  She is most happy when she is helping people get healthier.  She has given her life for the past 10+ years to helping increase awareness and educate her clients on the benefits of a holistic diet along with lifestyle and exercise.  I am confident that Atali will continue to help people achieve their health goals and grow her practice.  I cannot recommend her enough!

Jehan S.
Owner of 3 Potato 4 Restaurant + Founder of Tree Spirit Products for Organic Living 3 Potato 4

I have had the pleasure of having worked along side Atali Samuel in an industry centered around Healing and overall wellness. The impression I am always left with when around Atali is of a warm hearted human being full of compassion, of intellect as well as empathy. Her knowledge is well rounded and on a deeper level and it’s always nice to have her share her holistic perspective on things. From sharing info on what is needed on the inside to balance us as well as illuminating our outer perspectives and challenges she is indeed a leading light.

David B.
Global Management, Harmonic Innerprizes Harmonic Innerprizes

When I first met Atali Samuel I was 30 pounds heavier and didn’t have much of an exercise routine. After my first consultation I realized I was doing it all wrong. Trying to do binge diets that never work. They only made things worse when I started gaining the weight back. Today I am more confident about my food intake and very adamant about my exercise routine. I’ve lost 30lbs with the help of her coaching. The tools and knowledge she has taught me will last me a lifetime. So far my favorite Vibrant recipe is the Apple Protein Shake. It’s a little slice of apple pie in my glass.

Jason M.