What is my next step? Your next step is to complete two forms – the online ‘Health Assessment’ and ‘Metabolic Assessment’ forms. You will then be contacted by Atali Samuel, your Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She will connect with you quickly to schedule your FREE 50-minute Health Consultation. This session can be completed in a variety of ways – in-person (if distance allows), online via Skype , or over the phone @ (469) 702-1977.

What is included in the FREE 50-minute Health Assessment? In our initial consultation we discuss your current health situation. We identify your primary areas of concern and create attainable goals for a healthier diet and lifestyle. We then design an initial plan which will guide you to reach your targets as well as customize which future individual coaching services would work best to achieve sustainable results.

#1. Metabolic Assessment

Not all dietary theories resonate with all people. Regarding the theory of bio-individuality, our bodies are all built differently and there are many different factors that affect how we react to different foods. Basically, without knowing your metabolic type, you are guessing as to what foods and supplements you should take for vibrant health. This form will help us identify your metabolic type to better understand what types of macronutrients you thrive on. This information will allow us to start modifying your eating patterns – which should allow you to immediately notice positive differences and help you feel better overall.

#2. Health Assessment

By completing this form in detail, this will start our process to identify and evaluate your lifestyle history, short and long-term goals, strengths, and obstacles. We will evaluate your current routine and determine what needs to be addressed to alter detrimental habits and develop healthier ones. This information will be kept completely confidential and will only be discussed with you during your initial consultation. Feel free to list anything you think could be standing in the way of your ultimate health goals. This is the starting block for a future, healthier you.