Lamb Sliders with Celery-Yogurt Sauce

Vibrant Method “Approved Recipe” sourced from Whole Foods.

Lamb is one of my favorite adrenal-support red meats. It's the first animal protein I reintroduced into my diet when realizing a vegetarian, then vegan, then back to vegetarian diet was depleting my system. I eat red meat at most twice a week, but feel this (and bison) are the best animal sources of Vitamins B12, B3, protein, and selenium. Make sure to purchase high-quality, organic, grass-fed lamb from New Zealand. These slider-style burgers offer an easy and fun introduction to the delicious taste of lamb. These sliders are topped with skyr, a tangy Icelandic dairy product with a thick consistency like strained yogurt, and a sprinkling of celery leaves. If you cant find skyr, then use organic, plain, full-fat greek yogurt. If you are intolerant to wheat or gluten, substitute the buns for Udi's gluten-free brand. Serve along side sweet potato fries and a super-greens salad.