Garlic and Herb Crusted Lamb Chops

Hello my little lamb chops! A romantic dinner perhaps? Quick meal for the over-stressed family? Or much needed source of animal protein, iron and zinc, and Vitamin B12? Consider the lamb chop—delicate, tender, juicy, and easy. Rub with some chopped herbs, garlic, salt and pepper, and olive oil, let sit for a bit, sear all over on high heat, pop them in the oven and let rest a few minutes, and serve. Easy and delicious, you'll think you just ate dinner at a Mediterranean bistro in the middle of a piazza. Grass-fed lamb is a significant source of omega-3 fats and Conjugated linoleic acid which is associated with reduced inflammation and reduced body fat. Enjoy a lamb dish 3 times a month to support your thyroid and adrenals glands.

Lamb Sliders with Celery-Yogurt Sauce

Vibrant Method “Approved Recipe” sourced from Whole Foods.

Lamb is one of my favorite adrenal-support red meats. It's the first animal protein I reintroduced into my diet when realizing a vegetarian, then vegan, then back to vegetarian diet was depleting my system. I eat red meat at most twice a week, but feel this (and bison) are the best animal sources of Vitamins B12, B3, protein, and selenium. Make sure to purchase high-quality, organic, grass-fed lamb from New Zealand. These slider-style burgers offer an easy and fun introduction to the delicious taste of lamb. These sliders are topped with skyr, a tangy Icelandic dairy product with a thick consistency like strained yogurt, and a sprinkling of celery leaves. If you cant find skyr, then use organic, plain, full-fat greek yogurt. If you are intolerant to wheat or gluten, substitute the buns for Udi's gluten-free brand. Serve along side sweet potato fries and a super-greens salad.