Market Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie from Donna Gates Body Ecology for #candida. Green apples are a sour fruit that adds a touch of sweetness to an alkaline, vegetable-rich smoothie. Ideally fruit should be eaten alone and on an empty stomach for optimum digestion, but work just fine for most people when combined with veggies. If you find that the addition of the apple is too sweet for you, then don’t put it in. In other words, temporarily eliminate the apple if you are dealing with severe candida-related problems and use some fermented coconut meat and stevia to thicken and flavor your smoothie.

Heart Healthy Cherry Pie Protein Shake

Almonds and cherries will make you think you're tasting a homemade cherry pie. Organic spinach might seem like a strange addition, but you won't taste it and you’ll reap its nutritional benefits of fiber, folate, vitamin C and much, more. Perfect as a breakfast smoothie or a recovery drink post-workout. Although, you might crave this for desert too, it's THAT delicious.