Vibrant Method is now a Provider of Alcat Worldwide Food + Chemical Sensitivity + Gluten Testing + Stress Hormone Testing + Anti-Aging Markers

“One man’s food can be another man’s poison” – that is why one type of diet does not work for everyone. People who have food allergies know their triggers as a result of a trip to an emergency room and then start carrying an EpiPen to protect themselves from Anaphylaxis – a life-threatening allergic reaction to trigger foods, biting or stinging insects, medications and latex.

However, 70-80% of us have unknown food sensitivities (ranging from intolerances to full allergic reactions) that affect our digestion, physical health and even mental health. It could be as simple as having a inflammatory-gut sensitivities to healthy foods such as tomatoes, grapefruit, barley, or turkey. The symptoms aren’t strong enough to send us to the E.R. but they do weaken the immune system over time as well as present a variable host of full-body and mental symptoms.

How do you know if you’re one of the 80%? Do you commonly experience pain and discomfort after eating a meal – nausea, sudden fatigue, stomach pain, intestinal swelling, diarrhea, chronic constipation, gas, cramps, or bloating, fat gain, muscle loss, lack of energy regardless of decent amount of sleep, headaches, migraines, irritability or nervousness. These are all typical signs of these kinds of reactions…and you don’t have to continue to suffer from them.

Vibrant Method clients can now be tested by their Health Coach using Alcat Worldwide – the “gold standard” laboratory method for identification of non-IgE mediated reactions to over 400 different foods, chemicals, and other categories of substances. Food intolerances are much more common than food allergies and is medically characterized by digestive disorders, migraines, obesity, chronic fatigue, aching joints, skin disorders and behavioral issues. Unfortunately for many, those food intolerance symptoms are often identified as individual problems and treated as such, thus treating the symptoms and not the cause – not actually fixing the underlying problem. The Alcat Test is now considered the most comprehensive and accurate method for identification of non-IgE mediated reactions to foods, chemicals, and other substances. Most Allergist will only do a scratch-test with the 8 most common food allergies. This isn’t enough. In order to create the best dietary plan for you, we must have a clear visual landscape of what nourishes you versus the foods you unknowlingly react to.

Once you’ve started your Vibrant Method 6-month program, and we have started the process of identifying certain digestive disorders, we will help you select from the following comprehensive food/chemical sensitivity categories to be tested (via blood and saliva test). The test is conducted by a certified Phlebotomist (health care person trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medical testing) either in your home or a local blood draw lab. The blood and saliva samples are sent to Alcat within 48 hours and tested via the “Coulter” Method. Results are quickly delivered to your Vibrant Method Health Coach and we move forward with your digestive healing. From there, we discuss your results in detail and create a 4-day food rotation plan based on your non-reactive foods along with quick, delicious recipes for you to prepare at home.

230+ Food Items (Various Panels Offered)

50 Functional Foods + Medicinal Herbs

40 Medicinal Herbs Commonly Used By Men

50 Medicinal Herbs Commonly Used By Women

20 Chemical Food Additives

21 Common Molds

20 Antibiotics + Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Celiac + Gluten + Gut Health Profile

Telomere Length + Aging Test

Vitamin D Levels

MTHFR Genetic Mutation

Stress + Adrenal Testing