Integrative Health Assessment and Consultations

As one of your first steps in the Vibrant Method, we perform a comprehensive review of your current health state via confidential questionnaires, as well as our initial, FREE 50-minute consultation session. This helps us identify a snapshot of your current diet and lifestyle, as well as review your past habits. We will then be able to more fully understand any underlying or core issues that are present (but may not be immediately apparent) and impacting your optimum health levels today.

A holistic approach – encompassing all your goals, the multiple methods we will implement to accomplish those goals, and the obstacles you will need to overcome - is one of the primary values and fundamental benefits of the Vibrant Method. We do not have a “standard” set paths that we send you down. One of our fundamental beliefs is that every person has a unique set of circumstances, challenges, and opportunities to be considered…which means, that to be truly successful (with lasting results) you need a program tailored specifically to you – a bio-individual roadmap.

Bio-Individual 6-Month Program (The Roadmap)

Our goal – and end result – is for you to achieve a vibrant health state, experience a healthy aging process, and enable a sustainable weight management strategy.

As THE chief building block and primary medicinal source for a healthy lifestyle, choosing the correct food types – and learning which ones to stay away from – are the basis for establishing a real foundation for your body’s optimum performance. Adding to this, our food supply in North America is simply not sufficient (or has been chemically and genetically altered) to provide you with all the vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals required by your various systems to operate at the highest levels. We will work with you to establish a customized food and supplement intake regimen, as well as what should be limited or eliminated. This may include some that might be considered a healthy food source for some, but not you (due to your particular food sensitivities). We also provide local and online recommendations for where to buy these items, and which brands provide the best value-to-potency ratios.

Next…as there are over 300 recognized dietary theories, programs, and approaches available today, there is far too much “noise” out there for most people to intuitively select the right choices. This may have led to past confusion in reaching your health and weight goals, heal underlying health issues, eliminate food sensitivities, and even triumph over emotional habits affecting food consumption. Our approach not only works through that cluttered landscape to choose the correct dietary methodology for you, but we blend multiple approaches based on your bio-individuality, resulting in the quickest, healthiest benefit to you.

Finally, you’re not just provided with a list of items and to-do’s – we work with you to develop plans around everything from specific grocery shopping choices between confusing food items, optimal ways to store your groceries for efficient use, how to maintain their freshness, and the correct ways to prepare them. This makes shopping on a budget achievable and ultimately reduces food waste and frustration.

Group Lectures and Special Events

One-on-one work between you and your Health Coach is an integral part of any program taking on this level of change. But, like the Vibrant Method itself, we want to equip our clients with multiple opportunities for learning information, sharing progress and tips, as well as celebrating success. Another way we do this is through group sessions – where we provide the opportunity for you to meet and interact with others who are actively participating or considering enrolling in the Vibrant Method. Periodic lecture series and online webinars are a great way to gain more knowledge on particular health issues with a deeper dive into health tips and lifestyle modifications. We encourage participants to be fully present and share openly (when comfortable) while also respecting confidentiality. Vibrant Method Group Session Rule #1 – “What’s Said in the Room, Stays in the Room.” This also helps build a community moving towards similar goals, and will provide you with a support network that allows for the value of different perspectives and even accountability partners.

Research, Guidance, and Motivation

Changes can be challenging at times – we’ve all been there. Some hurdles seem downright impossible, but a loving and sometimes tough nudge from a trusted advisor can really make a difference. Significant and lasting changes – and knowing which ones to do in what order – are much more successful when you have a knowledgeable, caring resource that has successfully helped others through the process alongside you. Your Health Coach’s role is to be that caring mentor that can help you develop your goals, put action steps in place for you to achieve those goals, work with you when new challenges appear, and do so with a sensitive yet pragmatic attitude.

Also, most people are not trained to see past their personal struggles. Often times, we find clients unknowingly sabotaging their own efforts (for example, fear of failing, at lot of “what if’s” getting in the way, a lot of “should-ing” on themselves, and even a fear of success - “If this goal is reached, then what?”). Your Health Coach will work at your side to listen, love, and lead you in achieving your goals. You won’t feel alone in this transformative process.