I-Love-My-Health-CoachA Health Coach “partners” with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to expand their personal and professional potential. Health Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole. A Health Coach encourages personal and professional growth based on self-initiated change in pursuit of specific actionable outcomes. Health Coaching is future-focused. The primary focus is on creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals in one’s personal life. The emphases in a health coaching relationship are on 1) action, 2) accountability, and 3) follow through.

A Health Coach’s responsibility is to:

  • Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve
  • Encourage client self-discovery
  • Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Hold the client responsible and accountable

A Counselor typically concentrates on shifting people from a state of dysfunction to one of being functional. They foster a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education and career goals. Counseling is about helping the client process, understand and resolve his or her past issues in order to live more fully in the present.

A Therapist deals with healing pain, dysfunction and conflict within an individual or in relationships. The focus is often on solving difficulties arising from the past that hinder an individual’s emotional functioning in the present, improving overall psychological functioning, and dealing with the present in more emotionally healthy ways.