I <heart> food! I was raised around beautiful, simple, wholesome healthy food. My Israeli father is a classically-trained French chef, my French mother cooked every night, and my Indian stepdad, rest his soul, was a master home cook – and excelled at mouth-watering curries <yum!>. I have sooo many fond memories of family being drawn together by food. My baby sister and I seem to always plan our days around the next meal and appreciate every delicious bite with a huge smile and some sort of auditory praise, usually in the form of a moan. Essentially – food has been the core of my very existence. 

In my 20’s, though, and prior to understanding the basic concept of “Food as Medicine”, I overindulged and became very ill from eating toxic and deficient meals commonly known as the “standard American diet”. Once I left home, I gained the “Freshman 20” and developed several food allergies, panic disorder, and chronic fatigue syndrome – amongst other food-related diseases. But once I learned how to balance my intake, and crowd out the detrimental foods while implementing the medicinal foods for my blood-type and metabolic constitution, I was able to shift into a more sustainable way of eating for both nutrition and pleasure. 

I follow the 80/20 rule in all things. I work hard, but also play hard when time allows. I eat a fairly strict diet during the week <mainly high plant-protein, organic red meats and sustainable fish, high plant and seed fat, with limited grains and complex carbohydrates>. I eat A LOT of fruits and veggies! But, on weekends, I allow myself the pleasure of dining out at trusted restaurants that specialize in farm-to-table, local, clean ingredients concepts. Their dishes are always fresh and stunning, so yes, I’m “THAT” person who is compelled to “iphonetograph” every gorgeous dish I eat. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel back to my home towns in France and Israel on several occasions and usually spend my days in open-air markets and amazing restaurants. As you can see below, I do indulge my sweet tooth on occasion, but am usually satisfied after a few bites. 

To me, food is medicine, but also the most intimate interaction we share with our environment <what a great, borrowed quote>. Food is beautiful, and nourishing, and pleasures all 5 senses if we slow down enough to appreciate what is in front of us. The Vibrant Method teaches balance in all things, and that includes the ability for you to change your perception of food, and thus to start enjoying it in a different way. I invite you to celebrate your plate and yes, on occasion indulge in the rich elements of “Sunday funday”, or an evening out, or a cookout with friends. Just be as mindful as you can when you can’t control your ingredients and realize you must balance your indulgences during the week when cooking at home. 

I hope you enjoy my images below as much as I did photographing and tasting them.